Deadline approaching, 14 February: Social Science History conference submissions

Dear colleagues

The deadline for submitting proposals to the Social Science History conference for 2015 is approaching. We hope you will consider submitting a paper or panel proposal by the deadline of midnight on Friday, 14 February.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of the network representatives:
Phil Hoffman
Matt Jaremski
Evan Roberts

The previously circulated call for papers follows with further information.

Evan Roberts

Assistant Professor of History, University of Minnesota

The Economics Network of the Social Science History Association calls for papers for the 2015 Social Science History Association conference. Please forward this message to anyone you know who may be interested.

The Social Science History Association conference for 2015 will be held in Baltimore (MD), from November 12-15. The conference theme is «Pluralism and Community: Social Science History Perspectives.»

SSHA draws submissions of papers and panels through networks organized by topic or field. The Economics network representatives are
Phil Hoffman
Matt Jaremski
Evan Roberts

We invite submissions of papers or (preferably) full panels by February 14, 2015. We are also interested to hear from people who are willing to volunteer to be chairs or discussants, and on what topics. For more information including the conference-wide call for papers, and the other networks please see the SSHA website at

The Economics network meeting at the November 2014 meetings generated numerous ideas for panel sessions, some of which are related to the conference theme, or the meeting location’s in Baltimore. Other submissions related to social science history that can be incorporated into interdisciplinary panels are welcome. Please contact the network chairs with any questions.

Submissions of either individual papers or whole sessions are welcome. This year all panels of research papers must have four papers when submitted, or the panel will not be accepted. You will need to provide an abstract, title and contact information, and designate a network (or networks) where your paper is likely to fit. You are free to email us with questions, ideas, etc. but the actual submission is all self-serve.

Please submit paper and session proposals at

Topic areas identified at our 2014 network meeting include those listed below. Where an email is listed, please contact that person directly to discuss paper and panel proposals. Other enquiries should be sent to any of the network representatives listed above.

* Migration, immigration and assimilation
* Record linkage with complete count data (Please contact Evan Roberts:
* Anthropometric research (Please contact Tim Cuff:
* Thin border studies and natural experiments
* Climate and economic risk
* Fisheries
* Segregation in housing and other domains
* Free black populations in Baltimore and elsewhere
* Chesapeake economic history
* Intersections of environmental and economic history
* Indigenous economic history: Please contact Melinda Miller:
* Family budgets and living standards (Please contact Sakari Saaritsa: )

Potential book sessions include discussions of the following new books in economic history
* Human Capital in History (Boustan, Frydman, Margo, eds.)
* History of Capitalism (Neal/Williamson)
* Arresting Contagion (Rhode and Olmsted)
* The final volume in Deidre McCloskey’s series
* The Color Factor (Bodenhorn)
* Sharing the Prize (Wright, 2013)

We look forward to reading your interesting panel and paper proposals
Phil Hoffman
Matt Jaremski