CFP: Mexican Energy Reform

Natural Resources Journal Call for Papers

Mexico Energy Reforms: New Challenges and Opportunities

The Natural Resources Journal (NRJ) at the University of New Mexico School of Law seeks proposals for academic articles for its Spring 2016 issue, Number 56.2, on legal and policy issues relating to various aspects of the Mexican energy reforms and the future for the energy relationship between the United States and Mexico.

In 2013, the Mexican government launched monumental energy reforms that break the 77-year constitutional ban on foreign investment in Mexican energy reserves. The reforms have the potential to inject new life into a sluggish Mexican energy economy, but the historic transition will not be without challenges. The legal authorization for the multi-faceted reforms is new and untested; it remains to be seen whether the constitutional amendments, the Hydrocarbons Law, the Hydrocarbons Revenue Law, and the Electric Industry Law will be sufficiently comprehensive and flexible to usher in the reforms. Further, Mexico is still establishing the regulatory and procedural capacity to facilitate bi-lateral partnerships and is hampered by an underdeveloped energy infrastructure.

The NRJ invites proposals for papers that explore any of the challenges and barriers that remain to be addressed to foster the exchange or transboundary development of oil and gas, electric generation, transmission, and other energy-related capital, infrastructure, information, technology, best practices, or products between the United States and Mexico. We are especially interested in papers that offer legal, political, or other solutions to such challenges and barriers.

About the Natural Resources Journal

First published in 1961, the Natural Resources Journal is an international, interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of law and policy issues surrounding natural resources. The NRJ’s contributors come from various disciplines and provide diverse perspectives on the complex issues that accompany natural resource development. The NRJ does not endorse any particular viewpoint, but seeks to highlight the best scholarship from a wide range of perspectives on law and policy topics. Finished articles will generally be 5,000 to 15,000 words in length (15 to 50 double-spaced pages) with citations for all statements of fact. NRJ prefers articles with a clear thesis or argument that can materially advance the academic and policy-making discussion surrounding the topic. Additional information, including an archive of past issues, is available at


The NRJ plans to hold a one-day symposium at the University of New Mexico in advance of publication, contingent on the receipt of funding for travel and other expenses. Authors selected for publication will be invited to speak at the symposium, tentatively scheduled for October 10, 2015.

To Submit a Proposal

Email your proposal to by May 1, 2015. Please include the following documents: 1) an abstract of 300 – 500 words; 2) proposed sources; and 3) an author CV. In addition, please indicate whether you are willing to speak at a symposium. Questions may be directed to Submissions Editor Anne Minard at