CFP The War within: finance and morality in Europe, 1689-1815

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The War within: finance and morality in Europe, 1689-1815.

European history in the long 18th century was characterised by a succession of long wars which have opposed Britain and France, and their allies. With larger standing armies than ever and growing fleets, the main challenge for European states has been to meet huge bills which were getting even bigger with each new war and left trails of debts well into peacetime. Funding the war effort turned most polities into fiscal-military states which sought to command more resources than their enemies and, in the process, came to supervise the largest redistribution of wealth to be known until the late 19th century.

With support of the ESRC and the Institut Universitaire de France, the Centre for Economic History at the University of Reading organises on 3-4 December 2015 an international conference entitled The War within : Finance and morality in Europe, 1689-1815. The purpose of this conference is to explore the extent to which the problem of funding war was conducive to discussions about the nature > and impact of financial profit, both within and across European societies and polities. Its broad objective will be to examine the ways in which governments, financial actors and the public dealt with the question of financial profit, in particular the methods to identify, prevent and repress fraud or corruption.

The key themes to be addressed are:

– Financial markets and institutions, including moneyed groups and suppliers: their role, the measure of their profit, fraud and corruption, collaboration and competition;

– State’s control over its agents and intermediaries, i.e. accountability, enquiries, other forms of prevention of repression of fraud or corruption

– Money and the public: origins of wealth, luxury, taxation, interest rate, debt redemption

Language: English

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