Deuxième séminaire de l’Asie des réseaux, le mardi 9 juin, EHESS

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Association Française d’Histoire Économique (AFHE).

François Gipouloux (CNRS) et Guillaume Carré (EHESS) ont le plaisir de vous inviter au deuxième séminaire de l’Asie des réseaux, le mardi 9 juin, de 9h30 à 13h.
EHESS, 190, Avenue de France, 6e étage, noyau A, salle 638

L’axe transversal « l’Asie des réseaux : XVe-XXIe siècle » se propose d’étudier les différentes formes de réseaux et leurs acteurs en Asie orientale, pour mettre en évidence, concrètement, les modalités d’échanges dans l’espace sinisé (Chine-Corée-Japon) depuis l’époque de la première mondialisation (celle des « grandes découvertes ») jusqu’à nos jours.

Introduction : « Issues in comparative economic history »
François Gipouloux (CNRS)

« Muslim Memories of Song-Yuan-Ming Transition in Southeast China »

Oded ABT (University of Tel Aviv)

The paper examines hitherto overlooked written sources and oral traditions shedding new light on the relations between the late Yuan regime and the southeastern coast Muslim elites. Its main aim is to analyze changing narratives of lineages of Muslim descent, concerning the persecution and forced assimilation they went through during the late Yuan and early Ming periods. According to current accepted narratives, the fate of the lineages of Muslim descent was largely determined due to their ancestors’ close association with the Yuan Mongol rulers. These narratives have been disseminated since the late fourteenth century through genealogical texts, oral legends, various references within the ancestral worship and symbolic imageries in the family shrines. Focusing on the Lishi 麗史, a historical novel included in a Ming genealogy of a Fujianese lineage of Muslim descent, I address the changing perspectives regarding the Yuan treatment of its Muslim subjects, and analyze their role in Muslim descendants’ identity formation from the Ming period down to the present.


« Trading Along the Yangzi: the Pains and Problems of Huizhou Merchants in the Late Ming »

Joe McDERMOTT (University of Cambridge)

This paper explores Huizhou merchants’ perceptions of their commercial
world and its practices in the late Ming. It identifies some of the abuses
they regularly encountered on the Yangzi and the solutions they attempted
to impose, ranging from involvement with the military to their
establishment of family agents at different ports along the Yangzi.



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