Ve International Colloquium on commerce and City, Sao Paulo

Histoire Eco Association Française d’Histoire Économique (AFHE).

I am writing to let you know about the V International Colloquium on commerce and City, to be held in march 2016, in São Paulo, Brasil.
This time we will accept papers in Portuguese, Spanish and English and the presentation can be in any of these 3 languages as well.
Could you divulge the call for paper below in your network?
Best regards
Heliana C Vargas

The Laboratory of Commerce and City (LABCOM)

at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design of São Paulo University will hold the V CINCCI – V INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON COMMERCE AND CITY: A RELATIONSHIP OF ORIGIN .

The colloquium will take place in March 21-24 , 2016 in São Paulo, with the theme ” COMMERCE AND CITY: CHANGES AND PROSPECTS”.

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