John Carter Brown Library – Spanish America Collection

The John Carter Brown Library’s collection of books printed in Spanish America is among the finest in the world. In some areas, the collections are unmatched and include works found nowhere else. The Library has the largest collection in the world of books printed in Spanish America as a whole prior to ca. 1820, over 7,000 titles, encompassing the output of presses in Mexico, Peru, Central America, Argentina, Chile, and elsewhere. The remaining Spanish American presses represented in the JCB’s collection include some of the rarest books printed in the Americas: those coming from the Jesuit missions of Paraguay in the early eighteenth century. Of the eight extant titles printed in the missions, the JCB owns six, more than any other library in the world. Of the 14 books in our Ecuador collection (as of 2012) all but two are unique copies, held nowhere else. Likewise of our collections of Ecuadorian, Puerto Rican, and Bolivian imprints, the majority can be found only at the JCB.