The Transformation of Hunger Revisited

The Editors of the Journal of Economic History are pleased to announce Gazeley, Newell, and Bezabih’s publication «The Transformation of Hunger Revisited: Estimating Available Calories from the Budgets of Late Nineteenth-Century British Households».

This article reports a detailed investigation into the levels of calories available to the households of British industrial workers in 1888/9. Our best estimate is a mean of 2245 calories per person per day, with a standard error of about 23. This is roughly 50% higher than previous estimates using the same data, but consistent with estimates made from similar data sets and also consistent with other expenditure patterns in the data, such as food shares and the proportions of meat in the diet.

The paper can be read by clicking on the following link: DOI:

Free access to the link in available until Wednesday, July 29, 2015