NBER Cohort Studies Data Users Conference

There will be an NBER Cohort Studies Data Users Conference on Friday, December 11, 2015 at the University of California, Los Angeles (all day).   Attendance is open to faculty and to graduate students.   Thanks to NIH funding, we can pay for lodging and travel (coach fare only, of course).  If you are interested, NBER can send an official invite but to get one you need to sign up by Sept 15 at
The program will be as follows:
Dora Costa (UCLA), Welcome and Introduction

Evan Roberts (University of Minnesota), Measuring the ANZACs: Crowd-Sourcing a Complete Transcription of WWI Soldiers Through Zooniverse

Christopher Roudiez (NBER), GIS Mapping of 8 Major US Cities, 1860-1930

Noelle Yetter (NBER), From Free-Form Records to Machine Readable Data: The Union Army Project
Sven Wilson (BYU), Sources of Bias in Using Historical Administrative Data: The Union Army Records

Louis Nguyen (Brigham and Women’s), Interpreting Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Medical Records:  The Union Army Surgeons’ Reports

Evan Roberts (University of Minnesota), Big Data for Economic and Demographic History: The MPC-Ancestry Complete Count American Census Series

Round Table on Linkage