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Handbook of Cliometrics
Editors: Claude Diebolt and Michael Haupert
Springer Reference, Berlin, August 2015 (copyright 2016), 590 pages.
ISBN: 978-3-642-40405-4
ISBN: 978-3-642-40406-1 (e-Book)
ISBN: 978-3-642-40407-8 (print and electronic version bundle)

The Handbook of Cliometrics is a milestone in the field of historical economics and econometric history through its emphasis on the concrete contribution of cliometrics to our knowledge in economics and history. The articles in the handbook authored by the leading scholars in the fields, stress the usefulness of cliometrics for economists, historians and social scientists in general. The Handbook offers a comprehensive coverage of topics with each article providing an overview of the contributions of cliometrics to a particular topic. The Handbook sets a new standard of quality in the field by offering a world-wide forum of discussion in cliometrics.

Table of Contents

"An Introduction to the Handbook of Cliometrics"
Claude Diebolt and Michael J. Haupert.

Section 1: History

"The Cliometric Approach to Economic History"
Michael J. Haupert

"Economic History and Economic Development: New Economic History in Retrospect and Prospect"
Peter Temin

Section 2: Human Capital

"Human Capital"
Claudia Goldin

"Labor Markets"
Robert Margo

"Nutrition, the Biological Standard of Living, and Cliometrics"
Lee Craig

"Age-Heaping-Based Human Capital"
Franziska Tollnek and Joerg Baten

"Church Book Registry: A Cliometric View"
Jacob Weisdorf

Section 3: Growth

"Growth Theories"
Claude Diebolt and Faustine Perrin

"The English Industrial Revolution: A Cliometric Account"
Gregory Clark

"Economic-Demographic Interactions in Long-Run Growth"
James Foreman-Peck

"GDP Convergence in Modern Times"
Emanuele Felice

"Cliometric Approaches to International Trade"
Markus Lampe and Paul Sharp

Section 4: Finance

"Financial Markets and Cliometrics"
Larry Neal

"Payment Systems"
John James

"The Cliometric Study of Financial Panics and Crashes"
Matthew Jaremski

"Financial Systems and Economic Development"
Caroline Fohlin

Section 5: Innovation

"Innovation in Historical Perspective"
Stanley Engerman and Nathan Rosenberg

"The Cliometric Study of Innovations"
Jochen Streb

Section 6: Statistics and Cycles

"Statistical Inference"
Thomas Rahlf

"Trends, Cycles, and Structural Breaks in Cliometrics"
Terence Mills

Section 7: Government

"The Great Depression and the New Deal"
Price Fishback

"Cliometric Approaches to War"
Jari Eloranta