International Scientific Conference “Man and Water: History of the relationship” (Nobosibirsk, November 27-28, 2015)

Dear Colleagues!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the International scientific conference "Man and Water: History of the relationship," which will be held on November 27-28, 2015 in Siberian State University of Water Transport. The conference will focus on a wide range of issues related to the study of the place and role of water resources in sustaining life of human society. The conference program will include the following topics:
– Water as a beverage,
– Water as a mean of hygiene and recreation,
– Water as a food resource;
– Water as an agricultural resource;
– Water as a mean of power generation;
– Water as a mean of transport.
Form of participation: physical presence / distant
Location: Siberian State University of Water Transport , Schetinkina 33, Novosibirsk , Russia
Working languages: Russian, English
Time limit for speeches: max 15 minutes

To participate in the conference please submit the application form (Appendix 1) and the abstract (Appendix 2) to the email address glolekh @ till October 15, 2015. In the email’s subject line please put "For the conference." The conference registration fee shall be paid after the review process is completed and the organizing committee confirms your participation in the conference. The conference registration fee paid before knowing the results of the review process cannot be refunded.

Appendix 1

International Scientific Conference
«Man and Water: History of the Relationship»

Novosibirsk, November 27-28, 2015

Application form

Name, surname, patronymic (in full)
Employer name
Graduate degree
Academic title
Title of the report
Form of participation (physical presence, remote participation)
Contact telephone number
The book of abstracts (required / not required)*
Postal address for sending of the book of abstracts

Appendix 2
For publishing of the report in the book of abstracts of the International Scientific Conference "Man and Water: History of the Relationship" please submit the abstract electronically to the organizing committee e-mail address glolekh @ by October 15, 2015.
Requirements for abstract format and layout:
Paper size: А5 (page size: 148 мм х 210 мм)
max 20 000 characters
Page margin: top, bottom, left, right – 20 mm.
Author(s): surname, name, patronymic (initials should be put before the surname). Two or more authors should be separated with a comma. Font Times New Roman 10pt, semi bold, center alignment
Institution: full name of the institution, location (city). Font Times New Roman 11 pt, italic, without hyphenation, center alignment. After information about the institution leave a blank line.
Title of the report: font Times New Roman 12 pt, semi bold, without hyphenation, with the capital letters, center alignment.
First line indent: 5mm
Abstract format: font Times New Roman 10 pt, interline interval 1,0, full justification. Words should be separated by a single space. Do not use tabulator key or space key for indenting the first line.
References: When using direct or indirect quoting, source reference should be put in square brackets, where page number must be indicated.

Abstract format example.
Initials. Surname
Siberian State University of Water Transport,



Reference list:

If you have any questions please contact the Conference secretariat at glolekh @
With kind regards,
The Organizing Committee of the Conference

Grigory Olekh