CFP. Dressing Global Bodies: Clothing Cultures, Politics, and Economies in Globalizing Eras, c. 1600s-1900s

Dressing Global Bodies: Clothing Cultures, Politics and Economies in Globalizing Eras, c. 1600s-1900s

7-9 July 2016, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Co-Organized with the Pasold Research Fund, UK

The clothes on our backs are intimately connected with bodily experiences, cultural, social and gender portrayals, as well as the economies of fashioning and re-fashioning across place and time. Garments reflect the priorities of local and international economies, collective and personal inclinations, religious norms and conversions. These materialities are shaped by global flows of cloth and beads, furs, ready-made and second-hand apparel, in dynamic processes of fashion exchange. Dress is a charged cultural instrument, as evident in colonial and decolonization processes, social and political agendas, animated by cross-cultural and commercial flows, industrial and institutional innovations.
This international conference will showcase new historical research on the centrality of dress in global, colonial and post-colonial engagements, emphasizing entangled histories, comparative and cross-cultural analyses. This scholarship redefines national and collective communities, in the practice of fashion and the dynamics of re-fashioning and re-use, from the seventeenth through the twentieth century.

We are exicited to accept individual papers or themed panels, maximum three speakers, on historical topics about clothing and the body, not limited to any culture(s) or geographic location(s).

Themes could include, but are not limited to:

  • Cross-cultural practices and patterns of dress and / or body adornment
  • Production and distribution of clothing (across cultures, entangled, comparative)
  • Gendered and ethnic shaping of dress and dress practice
  • Fashion politics of dress in globalizing contexts
  • Circulation and re-use of dress and dress idioms
  • Design in globalized contexts
  • Representations of clothing cultures
  • Appropriation / acculturation of designs, materials, motifs
  • Dress in colonial / post-colonial contexts

Send all submissions or inquiries to:

DEADLINE for Submissions is: 1 OCTOBER 2015

Acceptance of papers to be announced: 1 December 2015

The Principal Organizers are Dr. Beverly Lemire and Dr. Giorgio Riello
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Dressing Global Bodies Conference
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