SSHA announcement

Social Science History is thrilled to announce that it has resumed circulation with its new publisher Cambridge University Press. Eight issues — four in Volume 38 (2014) and four in Volume 39 (2015) are being circulated in the current calendar year to make up for the lost year of publication while the SSHA legal suit was in progress.

If you have been a member of the Social Science History Association in the past, or would like to join now for the first time, please visit the SSHA webpage at and click on the link under ‘Now is a great time to join the SSHA!’ to renew. All previous membership files were terminated by the previous publisher of SSH making it necessary for everyone to renew afresh. We look forward to seeing many of you in Baltimore November 12-15th for the annual meeting — Pluralism and Community: Social Science History Perspectives, presided over by current SSHA President Susan Carter.

Anne EC McCants
Editor, Social Science History