NEP-HIS blog: Epistemology and method in business history

Two items feature in the blog this week,

1) The response of Jan Luiten van Zanden to Manuel Bautista and Deirdre McCloskey here:

2) I dwell on the links between history and social sciences by reviewing to papers

a) Seizing the Opportunity: Towards a Historiography of Information Systems

Nathalie Mitev (n.n.mitev) and François-Xavier de Vaujany (devaujany)

b) The Silence of the Archive: Post-Colonialism and the Practice of Historical Reconstruction from Archival Evidence

by Stephanie Decker (s.decker)


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PS Many thanks indeed for all the support with our letter to the Guardian regarding the Wedgwood Museum & Archives:

The response has been overwhelming and international support humbling. The family has written to express their appreciation.

A further letter may be sent by a colleague to another paper, and we may be in touch with those who contacted us about this in due course. However, in the light of information we have received that the legal route to resolving the crisis is still not quite yet exhausted, we are currently awaiting further developments. Thanks again for all your support.